The hosted domains feature of a web hosting account denotes the amount of registered domain names that one could add in the exact same account. Registering a domain name and hosting it are 2 completely different services although many people consider them to be the exact same thing. While the registration means you become the owner of a given domain, the hosting part is what really enables you to have a website since this is where your data and e-mails will be. Because these are two separate services, it is possible to register a new domain address with one company and host it with another by modifying its name servers (DNS) - the domain shall work in the exact same way as if it was registered and hosted using the same company. It is also very important to know that changing the hosting means pointing the domain to another company and not transferring it.
Hosted Domains in Web Hosting
One of the primary differences between our web hosting packages is the amount of domain names which you can host within a single account. Possessing more domain addresses with functioning websites for them means employing additional server system resources, so the more domain addresses you would like to host, the more expensive the package. This way, we provide you with the option to select a more affordable plan if you want to have just 1 or a couple of sites. In the same time, you’re able to upgrade your package or keep the current one and only add additional slots for hosting more domain addresses as part of your existing account, so you will not be limited by this feature. Irrespective of how many domains you host, there's no limit how many domains you can register in your account and it's your choice if you'll also host them or you will direct them to already existing domains using the parking feature.
Hosted Domains in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you acquire a semi-dedicated server plan from our company, you will be able to host as many domain names as you want no matter whether you register them here or you already own them through a different company. We've decided not to restrict this feature because the semi-dedicated plans are quite powerful and the load they can handle is quite high, therefore it would not sound right to be able to host a restricted amount of domains. The accounts are handled using the Hepsia Control Panel, which will present you with total control over your hosted domains. You can add a new domain address with a couple of clicks and everything is done quickly and intuitively, unlike rival Control Panels where you might even have to switch between separate accounts to manage a couple of domain names. If you register a new domain on our end, it will be hosted automatically in your semi-dedicated account.